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Madrid Marine


Madrid is a mother, a spring that gushes and flows, a place where all of us who live here find a way to quench our thirst. And this book is a travel guide through this Matrix that reveals hidden itineraries, submerged under the asphalt or veiled by the patina of time. It is also an attempt to bring to our imagination our watery and marine past so that we can dream of a future where the streams flow again.

Written byAna C. Herreros and Malú Cayetano

Illustrated by Maria Tula

Collection: Curious Books

Size: 24 x 18cm

Pages: 56 

Binding: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-84-123027-3-8

  (Price without VAT €18.75)

RRP €19.50



Radio interview: La SER 

Interview on February 24 with Ana C. Herreros and María Tula in the program "Hoy por Hoy Madrid". 

Radio interview: Capital radio  

Interview on May 13th with Ana C. Herreros in the program "Miradas viajeras". 

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Ana Cristina Herreros

Ana C. Herreros

She was born in León and her grandmother kept quiet stories. So she soon learned to listen to the silence and to love those who have no voice, those who don't tell tales.

So much so that,  years later and already an emigrant in Madrid, she began to write a doctoral thesis on the literature of those who neither write nor read. And so, researching the oral tradition, in 1992 she came across oral narration.  She started telling stories, and for more than twenty years, she has not been silent. Then her voice filled with ink and she started writing.  Her work has been translated into Catalan, French and Mexican. She has made an autistic man speak, a princess sit down to listen to her lecture and 16 6-month-old babies preferred listening to her stories to taking a bottle. Oh, if her grandmother raised her head...


With Libros de las Malas Compañías she has also published the following titles:

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Malu Cayetano


I collaborate with different collectives and initiatives related to the social transformation of the habitat, urban regeneration, ecological restoration and artistic and cultural production. In my work, I apply participatory methodologies and explore ways of triggering public engagement that allow the visibility of natural processes in urban contexts. I am interested in generating discussions regarding our stance in the biosphere, inside or outside, and the capacity of plastic arts to mediate between citizens, ecology, and territory and as triggers of the transition towards an ecological conscience.

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Maria Tula


Born in 1988 in Madrid but of Galician family and heart.

Since she was a kid she liked drawing, perhaps because of this she studied Architecture and Urbanism. In 2015, she cofounded and since then, she has worked on many public space and landscaping projects, all of them exploring the possibilities of drawing as a tool for investigation, appreciation, ideation and shared knowledge.

She is interested in the relationships with the places we inhabit and seeks to develop creative and critical practices that allow her to keep learning to look and think of new enquiries.

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