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The Rabbit tales

and other stories of the albinos of Mozambique


Having skin as white as the moon in Africa is not easy. Considered ghosts, spirits of the ancestors who live in the realm of the dead and who, by sorcery, remain among the living, or children of the moon or the stars, albinos suffer all kinds of exclusion. In some countries, they hide them or make the albino newborn disappear. In other countries, they are kidnapped and mutilated (because it is believed that some parts of their body are good luck charms) and their remains are sold to organ traffickers. Nothing remains of them after their death. Everything is sold with total impunity because they are not considered human beings.

For these reasons, we feel the need to sit down, listen to them and give them a voice. We hear and we imagine with them the characters of their stories, the same stories that any boy or girl in Mozambique listens to.

29 stories, told by albinos and the people around them, and illustrated by the children of Mozambique make up this book that aims to give them a voice, make them visible and, above all, show that they are not children of the stars or of the moon, that they are not spirits but people because what characterizes us as human beings is humour and the ability to create stories, what we call literature.

This is an example of the sound files of the stories that Ana Cristina Herreros collected from the albino people she met at the Casa de las Mercedarias de la Caridad in T3, Matola, which she visited in the summer of 2017 and 2018.

El conejo y el Macaco - Eduardo Afonso Cuna
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Written by Ana C. Herreros

Illustrated by Daniel Tornero

Prologue by Alejandro Palomas

Collection: Black series

Size: 29x22.50  cm

Pages: 112 

Binding: Cardboard

(29 stories  and 39 illustrations)

ISBN: 978.84.945888.8.4

  (Price without VAT €23.56)

RRP €24.50