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Five hedgehogs and a goat 

Tales of the women of the Sahara


Inside the tents, in the Tindouf refugee camps, the fire is lit to heat the water, and while the tea steams in the glasses, the women tell stories in Hassanya of a nomadic past, where mutual respect and care are essential. the protagonists.

But the true hero of these tales is the hedgehog, a small and stubborn animal, who with his intelligence defeats animals with claws and teeth that frighten the entire community.


These tales are the story of the struggle of a small town that survives in the desert, after the occupation of their land, their home, thanks to their intelligence and perseverance, like the hedgehog.

This book brings together 6 stories that we have chosen from a lot of stories narrated and collected from the mouths of Saharawi women.  

But this book is more than just a book, if you want to know what's in it 

behind these stories, enter our project Read with Africa.

We leave you the story The hedgehog and the lion Told by the Ali family in the wilaya of Dakhla. 

El erizo y el león - por Ngia Ali en Dajla
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Written by Ana C. Herreros

Illustrated by Daniel Tornero


Collection: Mini Black Series

Size: 16 x 24cm 

Pages: 56 

Binding: Rustic with flaps

 ISBN: 978.84.125007.9.0  

(Price without VAT €14.90)

P.V.P. €15.50  

Ana Cristina Herreros

Ana C. Herreros


She was born in León and her grandmother kept quiet stories. So she soon learned to listen to the silence and to love those who have no voice, those who don't tell tales.

So much so that, years later and already an emigrant in Madrid, she began to write a doctoral thesis on the literature of those who neither write nor read. And so, researching the oral tradition, in 1992 she came across oral narration.  She started telling stories, and for more than twenty years, she has not been silent. Then her voice filled with ink and she started writing.  Her work has been translated to Catalan, French and Mexican. She has made an autistic man speak, a princess sit down to listen to her lecture and 16 6-month-old babies preferred listening to her stories to taking a bottle. Oh, if her grandmother raised her head...


With Libros de las Malas Compañías she has also published the following titles:

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Daniel Tornero

Daniel Tornero


He is an illustrator, narrator and teacher, but above all, he is a narrator. He has been with the Jamacuco stage group since the last century, and he likes telling stories so much that he has gone from voice to paper. Now he also paints the parallel universe of the stories using coloured pencils and a brush made of the hair of a child. Whether as a narrator or as a cartoonist, the important thing is that it continues telling.

As an illustrator, he has been working since January 2012 at the Ipad Magazine DON, and since May 2014 he has been the art director, designer and illustrator of the publishing house Libros de las Malas Compañías. He has already published a book, The Skeleton Woman, which has been a finalist for the Extraordinary Prizes for Plastic Arts and Design of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. It has also received the Honorable Mention at the XII Audiovisual Awards of the Directorate General for Equality.


With Libros de las Malas Compañías he has also illustrated the following titles:

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