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TRANSgressive Lives


TRANSgressive Lives talks about the lives of people that faced the challenge of being faithful to themselves, defying the norms imposed by society.

They are more than biographies: they are confessions of souls that looked for their place in the world against the difficulties. The book invites reflection on identity, love and the fight for acceptance. In each story, we find echoes of our own battles, reminding us that, no matter how much time passes, the yearning to be understood and loved is universal. Let yourself be taken by TRANSgressive Lives and find inspiration to live your truth bravely.

Written by Ana Escudero

Illustrated by Anna Solà

Prologue by Carolina Marzá and Cloe Aicart

from @mama_de_cloe​


Collection: People Also Counts

Size: 16.50 x 24 cm

Pages: 112 

Binding: Hardback

ISBN: 978-84-127565-5-5

 (Price without VAT €21.25)

RRP €22.10

Ana Escudero.png

Ana Escudero

Born in Barcelona, her career has been characterised by a remarkable diversity and a firm commitment to social issues. Her works include several self-published books such as Solamente Peter, Nunca visites al dentista en lunes and Si no sabes qué leer, co-written with her sister Belén. She is also the author of Juicio a un alma atormentada. In 2023 she published her father's posthumous work, Zarzo, corazón valiente.


Ana is also the editor of the blog Las Palabras Descarriadas, an active member of the association Coma-ruga Literària and president of the association Zona Literaria, roles that broaden her influence and contribution to the literary world. With such a diverse career, Ana continues to leave her mark on the literary world, demonstrating that her passion and talent know no bounds.

Foto cv Anna Solá.jpg

Anna Solà

Born in Mataró, she discovered her passion for illustration at a very early age. This passion led her to study design and illustration, and later she opted for digital illustration. Throughout her career she has illustrated several cartoons in the magazine Estris, and has collaborated in different social books such as: Un salto en el recuerdo (2019), a book in solidarity against Alzheimer's and No m'oblidis (2021), published by the Fundación Alzheimer Cataluña.

She has won awards such as the alternative poster for Les Santes de Mataró, second prize in the illustrated micro-story competition of the University of Jaén in 2021 and was a finalist in the same competition a year later. In addition to her illustrated work, Anna also creates works on paper. Her most inspired project is Feéricas de papel.

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