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The book of the jungle of the Baka Pygmies 


The Baka have lived for 250,000 years in the equatorial forest, on the banks of the Congo River. They are the oldest human group in the world. More than living in the jungle, they are the jungle. They take care of her like they take care of their body. Everything they need they get from her, but they don't take anything that is not necessary. The forest has been created by Komba, the Elder, so that the Baka have everything they need, but they can only enjoy it on the condition that they take care of it and share it with those who live in it because only those thingd that are shared are deserved. 

This way of conceiving how to be in the world has allowed them to survive for thousands of years, but now the greed of the first world has expelled them from the jungle. The only thing left to them is the stories, the likanó, or advice with which they learned what is needed to survive: listening, caring, sharing and being together.  

Here is a likanó that they told us when we arrived at the community of the Baka pygmies:

Likanó -

Written by Ana C. Herreros

Illustrated by Daniel Tornero

Collection: Black series

Size: 24x33  cm 

Pages: 32 

Binding: cardboard

ISBN: 978.84.123027.0.7

  (Price without VAT €23.56)

RRP €24.50