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Ancient tales of Gran Canaria

These tales, legends and stories come from ancient times. They have been told by the elders and collected by the kids on the island of Gran Canaria. Its voice is what you will hear every time you open it and read it. These stories were heard long ago when our grandparents were children, the stories they lived and that now will continue to live in this book. Tales and stories that we cannot forget because they are our heritage, our wealth, and what makes us the same and different.

Stories collected by

María Jesús Alvarado and Ana C. Herreros

Collection: Ancient tales

  Size: 25  x 16.50cm

Pages: 184

Binding: Cardboard

ISBN: 978.84.942648.1.8

(Price without VAT: €16.83)

RRP €17.50


​Binding:  rustic

ISBN: 978.84.942648.2.5

(Price without VAT: €14.30)

RRP €14.90 

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