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Tales of the hedgehog

and other stories of Saharan women

A part of the Saharawi population has spent a long time in the refugee camps that they built in the desert after their exodus. The families separated and the stories disappeared from the nights in which what was gathered before the fire was the memory of those who were not there. The footprints that the stories traced were erased by the sand of the Sahara desert.

40 years have passed and women under that age no longer know traditional stories, those stories that spoke of how caring for others is the only force that allows us to survive in a hostile world, that family love is the greatest treasure that one can have, that tenacity and intelligence are more powerful than strength...

That is why we collected the almost forgotten stories from the mouths of the old Saharawi women so that the women and girls of today know where they come from and know where they are going.

This is an example of the sound archives of the stories that Ana Cristina Herreros collected from the women in the Saharawi camps of Dajla, Bojador and Smara which she visited in October 2016.

El erizo y el lobo - Selma Omar
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Written by Ana C. Herreros

Illustrated by Daniel Tornero

Collection: Black series

Size: 29x22  cm

Pages: 90 

Binding: Cardboard

(31 stories and 41 illustrations)

ISBN: 978.84.945888.3.9

  (Price without VAT €21.65)

RRP €22.50