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The Zebu-Man and the Little Sister, and Other Tales from Madagascar

Short stories and travel book


With these tales, we learned to respect our elders, respect those who are different and unlike us, and that we are stronger together and nobody is truly alone. We learned that there is always someone willing to help, even when it seems all is lost. We learned to live with surprises, with the unexpected. That life has many turns, and nothing is what it seems. That there is not one truth, but a thousand truths, and not one colour, but a thousand colours.


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"There is a harshness that does not hide, besides a message of great humanity, waiting to be shared." - Mercurio


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"El hombre cebú" - Marlah Lahiebo

Written by Ana C. Herreros

Illustrated by Daniel Tornero

Prologue by Kilema

Collection: Black Series

Size: 20 x 28cm

Pages: 96

Binding: Hardcover

ISBN: 978.84.127565.0.o


Price without VAT 23.56€

RRP 24.50€

Story pack and travel book: 29.50€

Trip to Madagascar

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During the summer of 2022, Ana C. Herreros, Daniel Tornero and Kike Carbajal were, together with the Agua de Coco Foundation team, in the south of Madagascar, in Tulear and Mangily, listening and embroidering with the girls. At that time when Ana listened to and collected the stories and Dani imagined the book's illustrations through embroidery, Kike was our eyes, immortalizing the projects they visited, the streets they walked through and the people they met.

With those photographs, we have created this book, a journey through the adventure that was creating The Zebu Man and The Little Sister, and other stories of the girls of Madagascar.

Photographs: Kike Carbajal

Collection: Artifacts

Size: 20.5 x 13cm


Binding: paperback

ISBN: 978-84-127565-3-1

   (Price without VAT 6,68€)

RRP. 6.95€


Story pack and travel book: 29.50€