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Yimulimuli and the dragon

and other wonderful tales of Senegal


It is night in Lower Casamance, by the light of the bonfire some words are heard in Diola: "I am going to tell a story."  "We're listening to you," those who know respond in chorus, gathering around the fire. And stories about dragons, pythons and baobabs, about mermaids start being told. 

This book brings together 7 wonderful stories that we have chosen from a lot of stories told in the night of Senegal in their mother tongue.  

But this book is more than just a book. If you want to know what there is 

behind these stories, go up and enter our Read with Africa project.

We leave you the story of The mermaid daughter  (p. 37  of our book) told by the Diatta family in the language, of the city of Boukout by Fina Hernández Gordillo.  

El erizo y el león - por Ngia Ali en Dajla
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Written by Ana C. Herreros

Illustrated by Daniel Tornero


Collection: Mini black series

Size: 16x24cm 

Pages: 80 

Binding: Rustic with flaps

Spanish edition  ISBN: 978.84.949242.7.9

French edition ISBN: 978.84.945888.6.0

(Price without VAT €16.83)

RRP €17.50 

Ana Cristina Herreros

Ana C. Herreros


She was born in León and her grandmother kept quiet stories. So she soon learned to listen to the silence and to love those who have no voice, those who don't tell tales.

So much so that, years later and already an emigrant in Madrid, she began to write a doctoral thesis on the literature of those who neither write nor read. And so, researching the oral tradition, in 1992 she came across oral narration.  She started telling stories, and for more than twenty years, she has not been silent. Then her voice filled with ink and she started writing.  Her work has been translated to Catalan, French and Mexican. She has made an autistic man speak, a princess sit down to listen to her lecture and 16 6-month-old babies preferred listening to her stories to taking a bottle. Oh, if her grandmother raised her head...


With Libros de las Malas Compañías she has also published the following titles:

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