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Black Series


In this series, we will not publish a noir novel, but rather our work of recovering oral memory in black communities. We want to offer in our books rich African oral literature. But, as Africa is more than a continent, we will also publish stories of black Colombians from Chocó, of blacks from Mexico, of Paraguay... With the sale of the books in this collection we support a charity project in the area, an activity that you can follow on this website.

You can see all our books in the following links: 


MINI Black Series


Books that pretend to be something more than books. This collection is the little sister of the Black Series. Here we will select Wonderful tales from among all those we have published and we will make an illustrated book for you to enjoy the tales and images that populate the African night and the imagination of those who gather around the fire. 

Thanks to the purchase of these books you can participate in the project Read with Africa since with each book you buy two: one for you and another for an African girl or boy that we will distribute to schools, institutes and libraries in the area where we have collected the stories from the book.

This is a twinning project between Spanish boys and girls and African boys and girls, which was born to bring them together around the same passion: reading and listening to stories. In addition, these books will give you access to a series of activities in which to share this reading with the African boys and girls who have received the book from you. At the moment we have published two titles, and we hope you enjoy them. 

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