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What did you feel the first time you picked up a book?

Updated: Mar 21

Books, of any type, are the foundation on which our education has been based on since we were little.They provide us with color for the first years of our lives, and they accompany us in pocket size for the rest of our days.

I don’t remember the first time I picked up a book, but I perfectly remember the sensation that I felt when I discovered that reading was my passion. I remember how my first imaginary worlds began to be created, which I couldn't get out of during my adolescence. Those books got me hooked to the point of staying up all night devouring trilogies and sagas. I felt power; power over the -unlimited- limits of my imagination. My past self discovered a wide range of infinite possibilities that, to this day, have shaped me into the person I am today. Because every book and every world contribute to a new distinct knowledge that belongs to you forever.

That is why, from Libros de las Malas Compañías (Bad Companies Books), we want to defend that it doesn’t matter what you read: if you like the classics or not; if you prefer children’s, young adults’, or adults’ literature if you are interested in books with illustrations or prefer books with long descriptions in detail. It doesn't matter what you choose to read. Do not feel inferior for preferring it. Just read. Enjoy reading and the training that it offers us. Nourish yourself. Experiment. Read. Taste. And you, what did you feel the first time you picked up a book?

Selma Redondo Menéndez

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