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Contest in Bosnia and Herzegovina: "Nano (Grandma), tell me a story".

The Ministry of Education, Youth, Science, Culture and Sports and the Pedagogical Institute BPK Goražde organised the award ceremony for the Literary Contest for the Best Fairy Tale. Primary school students participated and wrote on the theme "Nano (grandmother), tell me a fairy tale".

The student competition was carried out as an initiative of the representative of our publishing house Libros de las Malas Compañías with the goal of collecting the best stories from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be published in a joint collection that will be made available to young people in Spain who originate from Bosnia and Herzegovina, so that they do not forget their roots, and children of Spanish background will have the opportunity to get to know the Bosnian tradition through this work. We also want to publish it in Bosnian, so that the children here will not forget it either, because it is still a compilation of the valuable oral tradition of a community.

Twelve works were selected by the expert jury, and cash prizes were awarded to the best ones, while every participant received diplomas and appreciation words. Minister Adisa Alikadić-Herić and Ana Cristina Herreros, representative of the publishing house, presented and handed the prizes.

The media in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the digital newspaper Gorazde Online and regional television, have covered this very special international collaboration.

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A representative from our publishing business spearheaded the student competition.

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