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Trip to Madagascar

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Hi again! We are back in full swing, and we wanted to tell you about one of the novelties that will arrive this year...

For a couple of weeks now, Ana C. Herreros, Daniel Tornero and Kike Carbajal have been on a trip to the lands of Madagascar.

This travel has various goals, one of them being getting to know in depth the projects that the NGO Bel Avenir and the Agua de Coco Foundation are conducting in Tulear, in the south of this country.

Thanks to this marvellous alliance and our incorporation of it, we will be able to conduct the next book of the Black Series, a book of told tales that were sewn by the women from Madagascar.

Below I share with you a letter written by Ana C. Herreros to all of you.

We have been travelling in Madagascar for a week now. From Antananarivo, we travelled south to Fianarantsoa, where we listened to the Malagasy Betsileos. They play their stories on the lokanga, an instrument with a gourd as a sounding board

We also went to a rite to ask for protection from their ancestors and permission to transit their land. Then, we continue to Antsoamadiro and visit the sapphire mines, where children crawl into holes less than a meter in diameter and more than 20 meters deep.

There, Bel Avenir and Agua de Coco have set up the École des zaphires so the children have a future far from a hole in the ground.

From Antsoamadiro we travel to Mangily, and there, we listen to the girls from the boarding House, where they live and study so they can have a better life.

We visit the Baobabs Forest and go out to the sea with the fishers. Now, we keep listening in Tulear to mothers that learn how to write and, also, a trade to gain access to a paid job so they can feed their children.

We listen to them and, also, sew with them. And all to make a new book of the Black Series, that you cannot miss. But we also want you to accompany us in the process because the most beautiful thing about our books is how we make them.

Ana Cristina Herreros

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