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The TALES TO THE EAR are back

As you already know, our Serie Negra (Black series) is made up of books that collect stories from the oral tradition of African or Afro-descendant communities. In addition, these books are linked to solidarity projects, carried out thanks to the collaboration with associations and experts in local development in Africa.

This year we are immersed in the work of our next title, a book in which we will compile stories of oral tradition of the Baka pygmy community of southern Cameroon, and in which we will work together with the association Zerca y lejos. The profits from this book will go to the educational projectsthat Zerca y lejos has in the area.

We are raising funds in order to be able to go and carry out the work of recovering oral memory, get to know the community and the projects that Zerca y lejos carries out. You can help us through the Zerca y lejos websiteand also through a product we have created for this purpose, the CUENTOS A LA OREJA (TALES TO THE EAR).

For only 5€ you can ask Ana Griott (Ana Cristina Herreros) to call you to tell you a story. It is an incredible experience and an incredible gift and you will also be collaborating with our next book.

Ana Cristina has been a storyteller for more than 25 years, writer and compiler of the tales of the black series.

If you want more information about the TALES TO THE EAR, you can find it in:

Of course, we will be telling you all about the compilation process and the work we are carrying out together with Zerca y lejos from this blog.

Thank you very much for reading us.

Happy beginning of September.

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