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There is only one week left until #GivingTuesday and we want to take the opportunity to show you the project we have proposed this year and, why not, also show you the other projects we support with the sales of our Serie Negra (Black Series) books.

Thanks to this video we made with "Pienso, luego actúo" (I think, therefore I act) we started to spread the solidarity projects behind each book of this collection.

In addition, through our website you can see how the stories are collected and listen to the audios in their original language (work done by Ana Cristina Herreros), see the photos of the illustration workshops (carried out by Daniel Tornero) and follow the progress of the projects with which we collaborate (in Senegal, the person who makes this possible is our colleague and liaison, Fina Hernández).

In this Giving Tuesday we focus on the literacy course with women that takes place in Oussouye, Senegal and from where we have received news of the beginning of the 2019/2020 course that started last November 4th.

These women meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays every week from 16h to 18h in the Teba Diata Library with the teacher Nyassi. There are currently 16 women who regularly attend the course in which they work on different subjects such as reading, writing, oral expression, and mathematics.

They are divided into 3 different levels:

Level 1. Women who have never been to school and have difficulty understanding either reading or arithmetic.

Level 2. Women who have attended primary school, who can read and do arithmetic but have difficulty expressing themselves and have difficulties in dictation.

Level 3. Women who have attended secondary school and are seeking to improve their French level.

And how do we collaborate with these initiatives?

From each book sold, the publisher divides the royalties into 3 equal parts, for the illustrator, the author, and the community where we collect the stories, as we understand that these are part of the group identity and therefore it is only fair that there is a cultural return.

When the book is released to the market, the community chooses what they want to invest their percentage in, and this part of the royalties is paid monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the needs of the project.

So, with the purchase of the books, you are collaborating directly with each of the projects that are linked to them

We also keep in touch with the initiatives on an ongoing basis to be able to meet unforeseen events or specific needs, creating campaigns to collect books in French as we did in 2015 to re-inhabit the Teba Diata library that had been devastated after a typhoon, selling solidary calendars, notebook covers, tablecloths and aprons or albino rabbit stuffed animals that we bought directly from the Maputo mercenaries' occupational centre to help the centre survive.

In our online shop, in addition to the books in the collection, you can also find a solidary corner where we post certain specific initiatives.

And finally...

Keep an eye on our social networks on Tuesday 3 December!

We are preparing a very special surprise.


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