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The Race

Illustrated Album,  winner of the first edition of "People WITH AUTISM also count".

Nino, Nana and Nono are having a race. Believe it or not, it doesn't matter who gets there first. The really important thing is to discover that you can run in many different ways.

"Wonderful illustrated album The Race that will give visibility to the different social realities that people and collectives in situations or risk of social exclusion live" - COPE

Written by Charo Pita

Illustrated by Lidia Sarria

Collection: People tell stories too

Size: 21  x 21cm

Pages: 44 

Binding: Cardboard illustrated album

ISBN: 978.84.945888.4.6

  (Price without VAT €13.95)

RRP €14.50


Review in the blog of the Spanish Autism Confederation

It focuses on how this book tries to raise awareness about the reality of children

with autism. Likewise, it is recalled that the project was awarded in the contest

"People also count", convened by the publisher together with Biblioteca Solidaria,

with the aim of making citizens aware of different social realities

lived by people and collectives in a situation or risk of social exclusion.

Interview with the author Charo Pita on Canalnortetv

Audio-visual news allows us to get closer to the author and the history of the book.

LIJ sample of the CAM 2018

The Community of Madrid has included "The Race" in the catalogue with the best books published in 2018. You can find it on page 33 of the following document: 


The Book Fair of Moralzarzal included our book in its program in 2023.

Charo Pita

Charo Pita

Narrator, actress and writer, a lover of the word in all its possibilities, she has won some literary prizes and has published children's books translated into several languages. Illustrated albums such as: Who can beat the wind?, ed. OQO; We are will not see, ed. Galaxy; The street of the pout, ed. OQO; Old ladies, ed. OQO; Magic, ed. OQO; O Arco da Vella, Xerais Editions; Thank you!, ed. The Fragatina; Someone from somewhere, ed. brosquil; Igor, ed. Kalandraka. Collections of stories for adults such as In the Shadow of the Tale, ed. Words of the Lamp. Poetry books like From Arcadia to Govinda, Ed. Spiral Major. Also articles about oral narration and literary creation in specialized magazines.

As a narrator, she has been travelling for 20 years throughout the peninsular geography and throughout Europe, alone or accompanied, telling stories of both oral tradition and her own creation.

With Libros de las Malas Compañías she has also published the following titles:

portada prensa.jpg
Lidia Sarria

Lydia Sarria

She is a bit from Cuenca and a lot from Malaga, although she has lived in Madrid for 16 years. She arrived in the capital to study Fine Arts at Complutense University. After an Erasmus scholarship, a failed doctorate, drawings and more drawings, she trained as an illustrator at the Escuela Arte Diez. 

Her final project, Tigo y Tenta, was awarded the Apila First Impression Award. She currently combines her work as an illustrator with teaching and student work. She teaches painting and drawing and she is studying ceramics at the San Telmo School of Art, in Málaga. 

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