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The Mouse Who Longed For a Palace

Wishing for a palace to live like a king is easy. Building it, however, is more complicated. That was what the little mouse, the protagonist of this story, realised. And so, looking for a thousand tools to make one, the little mouse discovered that a true king does not need a palace.

"The illustrated characters are tremendous, with strenght in their expressions, their presence, the color and disposition of the pages that, without needing background, impact the reader." - Biblioabrazo

Listen to the story here: 

Written by Charo Pita

Illustrated by Miguel Ángel Díez

Collection: Growing up books

Size: 21  x 21cm

Pages: 36 

Binding: Cardboard illustrated album

ISBN: 978.84.942648.3.2

(Price without VAT €13.94)

RRP €14.50 


Madrid Book Fair 2015

Charo Pita was present at this year's edition of the Madrid Book Fair, signing her book The Mouse Who Longed for a Palace and everyone who came to the  Retiro Park could see her introducing her mouse. Media that echoed the news of the increase in sales this year did not hesitate to illustrate the news with one of the images of our author telling her story.

Review in Biblioabrazo

As always Ana Nebreda gives us good words on her blog about children's literature, with a special mention to the author and one of her little readers. Don't miss it!

Charo Pita


Charo Pita

Narrator, actress and writer, a lover of the word in all its possibilities, she has won some literary prizes and has published children's books translated into several languages. Illustrated albums such as: Who Can Beat the Wind? ed. OQO; We are not to see, ed. Galaxy; The Street of the Pot, ed. OQO; Old Ladies, ed. OQO; Magic, ed. OQO; O Arco da Vella, Xerais Editions; Thanks!, ed. The Fragatina; Someone from Somewhere, ed. Brosquil; Igor, ed. Kalandraka. Collections of stories for adults such as In the Shadow of the Tale, ed. Palabras del Candil. Books of poems such as: From Arcadia to Govinda, Ed. Espiral Maior. Also articles about oral narration and literary creation in specialized magazines.

As a narrator, she has been travelling for 20 years throughout the peninsular geography and Europe, alone or accompanied, telling stories of both oral tradition and her creation.

With Libros de las Malas Compañías she has also published the following titles:

portada prensa.jpg
Miguel Ángel Díez


Miguel Ángel Díez

He was born in Aspe (Alicante) in 1973. His first book was published in 2007. Since then, he has illustrated almost thirty books and comics for publishers such as Anaya, Bromera, Edelvives, Kalandraka and Libros de las Malas Compañías.

Among other titles we can find: My Grandfather Simón Knows It, Estela, The Postman from Bagdad, The Secret of the Anteater, The Shepherd of Clouds, The Collection I Tell You a Secret, and now, The Mouse Who Longed For a Palace.

He has also been selected three times for the White Raven catalogue of the International Youth Library in Munich and has participated in 5 international illustration exhibitions in the Italian cities of Sarmede and Padova and the Slovak city of Bratislava.

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