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From cocoa to chocolate

(myths and stories)

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Everything comes from transhumance and cultural miscegenation. So does in cocoa. In this ingredient, history gets mixed with stories, the bitter with the sweet, the drink with the candy, the pre-Columbian culture with the European and the African, the myth and the legend with the anecdote... Its journey throughout the centuries will be characterized by a constant transformation that will culminate in the appearance of chocolate as we know it today. Therefore, From cocoa to chocolate is not only about the childhood sweet par excellence: discussing  chocolate also implicates telling the slow and complex changes that have been taking place in the world throughout history. An authentic adventure worth being told.

Written by Charo Pita

Illustrated by Fernando Vázquez

Collection: Cravings

Size: 27x20cm

Pages: xx 

Binding: Cardboard

ISBN: 978.84.125007.2.1

  (Price without VAT €18.75)

RRP €19.50 

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