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Lady Travellers of the Atlantic

Book and Oracle


Lady Travellers of the Atlantic provides an itinerary through the life of twenty women who travelled between America and Europe from the 16th to the 20th century. Decentred, emancipated, and turning against the roles that society has constructed for them since time immemorial, the journey had been their way of understanding the world.

Inside the pages of this book, their stories intertwine into a plot of challenges and courage, as they become the arcana of an Oracle that will let us question ourselves and our own path.

This book is the necessary prelude to decoding the Oracle of the Lady Travellers, the companion guessing game to complete the book set. In it you shall find the answers to the questions that arise about your own journey.

"The beauty of knowing books of this calibre is to see how we are forming a map of those women erased from history" - Altavoz Cultural

Written and illustrated by Alejandra Correa.

Collection: Women
Size: 19 x 27cm
Pages: 92
Binding: Hard cover
ISBN: 978-84-125007-7-6

(Price without VAT 22.60 €)
P.V.P. 23.50 €

Book and oracle deal: 39.50 €

(Price without VAT 37.99 €)

Oracle of the lady travelers


This Oracle is a game based on the book Lady Travellers of the Atlantic. The twenty travellers that appear on the book make up the 20 archetypes of lady travellers. In addition, there are 20 cards that recreate the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. We suggest you play by letting your intuition and knowledge of human behaviour guide you. The oracle will respond to the questions asked by each consultant. From this improvisation will come a precise message for those who have questions about their current or future journey.

The card set is available as either a separate or joint purchase with the book. The card description and ruleset are available here (in Spanish):

Written and illustrated by Alejandra Correa


Collection: Artefacts
Size: 8.4 X 12.7 cm
Number of cards: 40
Binding: Cards with rounded tips
ISBN: 978-84.125007-5-2

(Price without VAT 16.12 €)
P.V.P. 19.50 €

Book and oracle deal: 39.50 
(Price without VAT 37.99 €)