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If I had to write to you

cubierta de "Si tuviera que escribrte"

In what ways can we say "love"?  The letter has been through time a way to leave testimony about the wonder, the doubt, the desire and the pain that love has given the world. In this series of postcards, the poet and visual artist Alejandra Correa and Libros de las Malas Compañías propose a loving device to wind up the days.

If I had to write to you received the First National Prize for literature for children and young people in Uruguay, in 2014.

Written and illustrated (collages) by Alejandra Correa

Collection: Cravings

Size: 12x16  cm


(28 postcards with collages and poems)

ISBN: 978.84.942648.8.7

  (Price without VAT €11.52)

RRP €12