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* autobiographical story  by Khaly Thioune 


* Rustic edition with flaps.

* ISBN: 978-84-09-34881-7

* Size: 14.50cm x 21.50cm 

* 143  pages

* RRP €18.72


Author's note: I hope these pages are useful so that the journey of young Africans to prosperity does not turn into pain, a broken dream or a nightmare. Hopefully it will serve so that one day Africa will be seen by Africans and Europeans for what it is: a continent full of culture, history, and knowledge. And hopefully the young Africans take the helm of the course that Africa has to take so that it becomes a place where there is prosperity and shakes off, once and for all, the yoke that Europe has put on it. And hopefully it will also help the Europeans who read it to learn more about Africa and Africans. 



Yakar hope

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