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Book Night

The Book Night is a cultural activity that has been held since 2005, on a day close to 23 April, International Book Day. It is a magical night where bookshops and libraries are open until midnight and activities are carried out with important figures of the current cultural scene, especially in the field of literature.

This year our author Ana Cristina Herreros will be at 19h presenting her books at the Librería del Mercado, located at Tribulete 20 in Madrid.

And at the same time Libros de las Malas Compañías (Bad Crowd Books) celebrates the Book Night together with La Madriguera de Papel, located at Avenida del Madroño 6, in Toledo, a bookshop where there will be a shared reading of our book El dragón que se comió el sol y otros cuentos de la Baja Casamance (The dragon who ate the sun and other tales from Lower Casamance), starting at 20h.

Wherever you are, celebrate the Book Night in style and enjoy the immense cultural offer you will find all over Spain.

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