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But the project does not end here, it seems essential to us that future generations feel like citizens of the world, so that they learn to take care of the planet and all the people who live on it. That is why we want you to get to know each other through these books because culture only has one homeland: the human one.

When you buy a copy of the "Mini black series", you will not only be buying another one that we will send to Africa.  In addition, we will put you in contact with that child who will receive that book, and together you can carry out the following activities:  


  • Write letters to girls and boys who are reading your same book. 

  • Connect with them via Skype or Zoom to read together.

  • See the cartoons we have made about stories with children from here and there.

  • And many more things that we are organizing for you.  

We started this project with the book, Yimulimuli and the dragon and other wonderful tales of Senegal. It has been difficult for us to get the books out of Madrid, but the truck is already on its way to Dakar and we hope they will arrive in mid-March.  

We are collecting requests to participate in the project from Senegalese and Spanish schools simultaneously and we hope that in May and June we will be able to carry out the project activities.  

If you have already bought your book and want to be part of READ WITH AFRICA, fill out the following form and we will send you all the information.  

Thank you so much.

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