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Read With Senegal​

We initially started this project because we wanted to implicate

ourselves a little more in activities that promote taking care of

the world and of the people that live in it. The book was published

in November 2020, by the end of a difficult year globally and by

that time we still had not recovered from the difficulties. We started

to coordinate the shipping to Senegal, but the truck that carried the

boxes with the books had to go through a road that ran through the

Moroccan conflict with Western Sahara, which is why it got delayed

until it could do the journey with the security measures that the

carrier needed. 

The books finally arrived with the carrier safe and sound in April 2021, when the books were distributed in libraries, schools and high schools all over the country, from the north, distributing in Louga, Matam and Guia, in the central area of Dakar in Rufisque, Bambey and Mbour, finishing in the south in Velingara, Oussouye, Kolda, Cap Skirring and Sedhiou. Once they arrived to their recipients, we proposed to them online meetings with children from Spain to meet each other and share the stories of the book. We organized a couple, but due to the pandemic that was still very much present in Africa, to the strikes and to the bad weather, this project could not be carried out as we would have liked, because we had to cancel several meetings that we could not reprogram.

After organizing, canceling and reorganizing several meetings, in October 2021 we had the last meeting with Ana C. Herreros in which she told us about her trips to Senegal and the process of gathering the stories in the book, and then we decided to stop to think and recalculate to be realistic and aware of the following proposals and projects that we carry out.

We want to leave you here the links to the material that we promised and we thank you for being so patient during these months. The project is still ongoing and, even though we cannot have online meetings, we will still be creating content in our trips to Senegal so that you can see how the books continue to be distributed and you can see who they arrive to.

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