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The footprint of the fox

Murders in Dogon Country


Commissioner Habib and Inspector Sosso, members of the Mali Police Criminal Squad, are sent to the heart of the Dogon Country to investigate a series of mysterious deaths. The Dogon, known for their adherence to traditions, live on the fringes of official state authorities. In one of the villages, three young people have died after falling from a cliff. The two detectives try to clarify what happened by talking to witnesses whose vision of the world is rooted in an ancient tradition. The population keeps a stubborn silence about it. In a debate between the rational and the irrational, the police officers must understand the motive for some murders behind which economic, political and historical motivations are hidden. With his characteristic sense of humor and humanism, Moussa Konaté delves into the depths of Malian culture to question the universality of concepts such as family, honor or justice.

"It constitutes a magnificent example of his ability to link history, culture and narrative in a work that immerses us in the complexities of Malian society" - Afroféminas

Written by  Moussa Konate

Translation by Alejandro de los Santos Pérez

Cover by Rut Quintana and Diego Caballero

Collection: Baobab Books

Size: 14.50 x 21.50cm

Pages: 208

Binding: rustic with flaps

ISBN: 978.84.125007.8.3


P.V.P€18.95 (price without VAT €18.23)



Moussa Konaté and Commissioner Habib

moussa kpnate.jpg

Moussa Konate 

He was born in Kita, Mali in 1951 and died in Limoges on November 30, 2013. He is considered one of the great intellectuals and promoters of Mali's literature. An essayist, playwright and novelist, in 1997 he founded the Le Figuier publishing house and published numerous illustrated books for children and young people, in French and local languages. In addition, he directed the Étonnants Voyageurs literature festival in Bamako. Among his extensive literary production, the police series of Commissioner Habib stands out, with great international success. In Spanish, El asesino de Banconi (Almuzara, 2008), translated by Antonio Lozano, and La huella del zorro have been published. In his memory, at the Les Francophonies de Limoges Festival, the Moussa Konaté Award for the best crime novel is awarded each year.

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