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The Pea Giant and Other Tales from Ukraine


Kotigorosko, The Pea Giant, Ivasyk Kindle, Peg-leg, The Old Woman with the Iron Nose, Mister Cat, Rabia the Hen, and the Goading Goat, among others, are some of the characters that appear inside these tales; tales that in other times when there was peace, the children of Ukraine listened to, as told by their grandmothers. Nowadays many families are separated, and Ukrainian children haven’t heard of the wondrous stories where the Littlest One always wins, and where wounds can heal. In hopes that one day, in the not-so-far-off future, Ukrainian grandmothers can tell these tales again, we have published these stories not only for the Ukrainian children that have arrived in our country looking for a safe place, a place to call home, but also for our children, so that they can see that other stories are not so different from ours, and the things all humans strive for tend to be similar.

“Published with huge taste by Libros de las Malas Compañías, that adds to their spendid catalogue a jewel once again” - CulturaPlaza

Written by Valeria Kiselova

Illustrated by Yana Barabash

Prologue by L. Espido Freire


Collection: Illustrated Ancient Tales

Size: 28 x 20,5 cm

Pages: 112

Binding: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-84-125007-6-9


Price without VAT 23.56€

RRP 24.50€



Wonderful review by Culturplaza. You can access it here.

Mijas Comunicación

Here you can watch the book presentation by Valeria Kiselova.

La Opinión. El diario de Zamora.

Review by La Opinión newspaper. Stories that travel without papers.

Valeria Kiselova.jpg

Valeria Kiselova

Born in Odessa. An avid reader since childhood, she used to frequent poetry circles with her mother, a poet. She published her first book at 11 years old, in a local newspaper in Odessa. A political science major at the University of Odessa. She moved to Málaga in 2005 and then licensed in Hispanic Philology at the University of Málaga with a Master's degree in Translation for the Literary World.


She has published books with pictograms for children with special needs (The Princess That Learned How to Speak, My Doll, How Many Birds Can Fit in a Hot Dog?, Maria Has a Meltdown and more), and she hosts workshops for children with autism, PDD, etc.


She has published many books, including Earthquake! (pub. Jaguar), The Nougat Factory (pub. Corimbo), The Most Delicious Booger In the World (pub. Jaguar), and Corni the Unicorn Goes to the Fair (pub. Everest). She is also a storyteller in libraries and schools.

Yana Barabash.JPG

Yana Barabash

Born and raised in Odessa, a city of acacias, happy people and the sea. She’s always been drawing, where she almost doesn’t remember when it all started.


She’s been lucky enough to have the support of the best professors of the Arts department in art school and has headed many personal exhibitions in galleries and museums in Odesa and Kyiv.


When the war started, she dedicated herself and all her artistic energy to painting, with fantastical plots and fairy tales that would help her escape from the harsh reality.


She currently lives in Great Britain and gets her inspiration from the picturesque coasts and the misty woods of the Isle of Wight. She believes her mission is to create beauty and reveal the extraordinary elements in ordinary things.

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