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The Ash Lad


This book is a compilation of 14 Norwegian folk tales collected by Asbjornsen & Moe and published for the first time in 1841, in which the Ash Lad is the irrefutable protagonist. The Ash Lad is the little brother, the third, he is called as such because he spends his life sitting next to the hearth fire, stirring the ashes, and taking care of the fire. He is the anti-hero, he is not reckless or ambitious, but when he sets off alone, he stops to take care of those he meets, thinks things through before acting, picks up the most insignificant utensils that will later help him along the way and he is finally the winner of a small world, where the important thing is to survive and for this, it is essential to take care of each other.  

As a result of this book, our friend Julio Rodríguez Ortega, an expert psychologist in new masculinities, has written an article on the subject, which we leave you on our blog so you can read it: 

Tales collected by Asbjornsen & Moe

Illustrated by Alekos

Prologue by Ana C. Herreros

Collection: Illustrated ancient tales

Size: 28x20.5cm

Pages: 80 

Binding: Cardboard

ISBN: 978.84.949242.9.3

  (Price without VAT €21.65)

RRP €22.50 

Valeria Kiselova.jpg



Alexis Forero Valderrama (Bogota, 1953) is an illustrator, painter, actor and oral narrator.  He has illustrated more than 20 works, exhibited his paintings on several occasions in Brazil, Spain, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, and the United States, and received awards for his work as a narrator. He has also worked in theatre and television.  

Yana Barabash.JPG

Yana Barabash

Nació y creció en Odessa, ciudad de acacias, gente feliz y mar.

Parece que siempre estuvo pintando y ni siquiera recuerda cuándo comenzó. 

Tuvo la suerte de contar con los mejores profesores en la facultad de arte y en la escuela de arte, y realizó muchas exposiciones personales en museos y galerías de Odessa y Kiev.

Cuando comenzó la guerra, dedicó toda su energía artística a pintar aún más vigorosamente con tramas imaginarias y de cuentos de hadas que le ayudaran a escapar de la dura realidad.

Actualmente vive en Gran Bretaña y se inspira en las pintorescas costas y los bosques brumosos de la Isla de Wight.

Cree que su misión es crear belleza y revelar lo extraordinario en las cosas ordinarias.

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