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Shall we recycle jeans together?

Today 17 May we celebrate World Recycling Day.

Do you know the 3Rs of Recycling?

Reduce: we consume too much too fast. So to take care of the environment we must also reduce the amount of products we consume and the waste we generate.

Reuse: its aim is to extend the useful life of products, either by using them again or by giving them new lives through crafts or DIY.

Recycling: is the reintroduction of waste that has been used in production processes, so that it can be used as raw material for new products. It should really be the last option after trying all of the above.

In Libros de las Malas Compañías there is a collection, Telas Contadas, in which you can find cloth books made from recycled jeans. These books are made by people with albinism in Mozambique and women with functional diversity, who participate in the DEGGO collective in Kolda, Senegal, using second-hand jeans.

Based on this idea of reusing denim garments, we encourage you to participate and support this project with us.

In what way?

Organising the collection of jeans among your close friends so that you can then contact us through our email, and send them to us.

We promise to take them on our next trip to Senegal, which will take place in November.

Thank you very much for your help and collaboration.

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