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Over the course of a long night in May, in her apartment, Narguiss, who "never wanted to know anything about politics" is more concerned with her husband's infidelity than with the news on the radio about kidnappings and murders. Nearby, Leia, Januário and their young daughter enjoy the security of having finally rented an apartment of their own, while Mena, once the most beautiful in her village, listens to her husband plotting a murder. Before dawn, these innocent people who aspire to a dignified and peaceful life, are involved in a conspiracy, hatched to destabilize the Mozambican government. Lília Momplé skilfully interweaves events based on real events, offering us a complex picture that evokes contemporary Mozambican history. A story with overtones of a crime novel, in which colonization, racism and feminism are at the centre.

Written by  Lília Momplé

Translation of Alejandro de los Santos

Cover of Malangatana Valente Ngwenya

Collection: Books of the Baobab

Size: 14.50 x 21.50cm 

Pages: 170

Binding: rustic with flaps

ISBN: 978.84.125007.1.4


RRP €18.95  (price without VAT €18.23)