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Read with the Sahrawi Republic


This book was printed in June 2023. Thanks to the collaboration with "Melfas para un sueño"

(Melphas for a dream) project, and the pack of Melpha + Book, we have been able to fulfil our

commitment and we have been able to send 10 boxes of the book Five Hedgehogs and a Goat,

and Other Tales of Saharawi Women to the Saharawi camps.


These books that have arrived to the Bubisher library in Smara, will be distributed to the rest

 of the other libraries in the 4 remaining wilayas, Auserd, Dakhla, El Aaiun and Boujdour, and

from there to the schools, thanks to the help of the Polisario Front. 



In each box there are 54 books, in total 10 boxes, 540 books so children living in Sahrawi refugee

camps can read their stories. 


In the next few weeks the boxes will be distributed and then we will organise the activities related

to this book. 


If you have bought the book Five Hedgehogs and a Goat and you want to participate in these

meetings, send us an email to sign up!

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