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Elephant Island

Shackleton's Dangerous Trip to Antarctica.

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On January 5, 2022, we commemorate the centenary of the death of Sir Ernest Shackleton. This Irish traveller died in South Georgia in 1922 when he was starting a new expedition to Antarctica where he was buried, in a land whipped by the icy winds that he loved so much.

Shackleton's expedition set out from the Grytviken whaling station in the South Georgia Islands, with 27 dreamers, 69 sledge dogs, a cat, and an 18-year-old stowaway: Percy Blackborrow. It is the voice and gaze of this 18-year-old young man that tells the vicissitudes of the expedition: the dreams of glory, the excitement of departure, the camaraderie of the crew, the feeling of failure when the ship sinks, the loneliness in Elephant Island, the waiting for Shackleton and the few men who went with him to look for help to return, the joy of rescue, the homecoming in Wales... There are some publications about this expedition, but none before had reported this polar odyssey from the point of view of the youngest of the expedition.

Written by Carles García Domingo

Illustrated by Ana Martínez de Andrés

Collection: Growing up books

Size: 20.50 x 16.50 cm

Pages: 60

Binding: Cardboard

ISBN: 978.84.125007-0-7

  (Price without VAT €17.79)

RRP €18.50 


Carles García Domingo

He was born in Valencia but has spent half his life enjoying his day-to-day life in Logroño. Narrator by family tradition, he has combined this noble profession with teaching on topics related to literature, translation from French, cultural management and the writing of numerous articles, theatre scripts and books related to literature, pedagogy and childhood. He has also collaborated with media such as Radio Nacional de España (the National Radio of Spain) or the SER.


Ana Martínez de Andrés


Although she graduated in Biology, she realized in 2000 that her greatest passion was graphic design, and she has been dedicating herself to it ever since.

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