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I am alone 

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A man lives on the run, hidden. A jihadist group has taken power and the protagonist of this exciting story is forced to take refuge in the house of the woman he loved. Immersed in his confinement, he surrenders to his thoughts to be trapped in a spiral of fear, uncertainty and remorse for which he is only consoled by the imaginary dialogue he establishes with Nacereddine, his ancestor. I am alone takes us to a city located on the border with the Mauritanian Sahara, accompanied by a cosmopolitan character who touched the sky with his hands thanks to opportunism and corruption, and who was plunged into hell when luck changed sides. His soliloquy leads him to question the drifts of a country torn apart by jihadist terrorism and by economic and intellectual misery, in which colonialism continues to cast its indelible shadow. The tension between tradition and modernity runs through this book by Beyrouk, never before translated into Spanish.

"They come to teach the big brands that the genuine African literature awakens the interest of a knowlegde-thirsty public about everything that surrounded it or it wondered about in the past" - Librújula

During the promotion of the book, a presentation was made from the social networks of Casa Árabe and Casa África, in which the author, Beyrouk, the translator, Alejandro de los Santos, and the journalist José Naranjo participated. We leave you his recording so you can enjoy this conversation. 

Written by Mbarek Ould Beyrouk

Translation of Alejandro de los Santos

Cover photo by Massimo Zecchini

Collection: Books of the Baobab

Size: 14.50 x 21.50cm 

Pages: 110 

Binding: rustic with flaps

ISBN: 978.84.123027.1.4


RRP €16.50  (price without VAT €15.87)

High school youth book club  ​

We believe that it is very important that our young people have the widest and most diverse perspective possible, which is why we have devised a reading club to bring contemporary literature from the African continent closer to their classrooms.  

During the 2021/2022 academic year we will work with the book I am alone by Beyrouk. For more information, you can write to or +34 676842285.  



I am Alone, the first Mauritanian novel translated to Spanish.


Mbarek Ould Beyrouk


He was born in 1957, in Atar, Mauritania. After working as a journalist for many years, he founded the first independent newspaper in his country in 1988, chaired the first independent press association and campaigned for freedom of the press and opinion.  

He has published six novels and a book of short stories: 

Et le ciel a oublié de pleuvoir (Dapper, 2006, Roman maghrébin francophone Prize, in 2007), Nouvelles du désert (Présence Africaine, in 2009) and with the Elyzad publishing house, Le Griot de l'émir  (2013), Le Tambour des larmes (Ahmadou-Kourouma Prize in 2015 and Roman métis des lycéens Prize in 2016) and I am alone (Ahmed-Baba Prize for African littérature in 2018 and a finalist for the Prize des Cinq Continents in 2019). In 2021 he publishes two new novels Rien ne me parle  and Pariahs .


I am alone is his first novel translated into Spanish.

Various media from around the world have echoed his works, here we leave you an interview from El País.  

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