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Prince's Journey

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There are trips and trips, some of us travel for pleasure, to get to know new cultures, to learn a different language or even for love. But Prince's trip was different, it was not planned, he did not consult guides or search for information on the internet: one day he found himself fleeing from the war, from rape. And on her journey she encountered abuse, discrimination, institutional racism, gender violence... But her journey was also an apprenticeship: resilience and strength to overcome the adversities she had to face to reach a place where she could live in peace. Although that journey has not yet ended: in our country it continues to seek that peace to which all people have a right. 

If you want to know more about this trip, you can access the complementary content of the book: 

Captura de pantalla 2020-11-04 a las 13.

Written by the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid

Illustrated by Rami Abbas

Collection: Out of Series

Size: 13 x 21 cm 

Pages: 84 

Binding: paperback

ISBN: 978.84.123027.9.0

  (Price without VAT €14.38)

RRP €14.95 


The Spanish Commission for Aid to Refugees, CEAR, has been defending the right to asylum and human rights since 1979, promoting the integral development of refugees who have been fleeing war conflicts or violations of human rights, asylum seekers, stateless persons and migrants. in need of international protection and/or at risk of social exclusion.

Throughout more than four decades, CEAR has worked actively in the defense and promotion of the right to asylum in Spain with the aim of advancing in its recognition and guaranteeing access to the international protection procedure with all the guarantees of the law.

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