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Norwegian tales

This book is a unique anthology of 110 Norwegian folk tales collected by Asbjornsen & Moe and first published in 1841. It also contains more than 120 engravings by the most famous Scandinavian painters of the time, including Theodor Kittelsen, who illustrated the cover. These tales were collected at a time when Norway did not exist as a country and was part of the Swedish crown. These stories were so important that they were used for the normalization of the Norwegian language after their independence. They are so beautiful that Jacob Grimm said they were "the best tales that exist and surpass any other".

Tales collected by Asbjornsen & Moe

Prologue by Gustavo Martín Garzo

Collection: Ancients tales

Size: 25  x 18cm

Pages: 528 

Binding: Cardboard

ISBN: 978.84.945888.0.8

  (Price without VAT €27.41)

RRP €28.50