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Romanian wonderful tales


This anthology gathers 34 folk tales that were collected in the 19th century by Petre Ispirescu and translated this year by Mihai Iacob.

The heroes of these Romanian wonderful tales follow an initiating journey where they overcome a series of tests that give them their status as men. They are stories where kindness, wisdom, humility, generosity, a sense of justice, patience, trust, honesty, industriousness, humanity and love are more important qualities than bravery, recklessness or courage. (Stelian Turlea)


In this selection of wonderful stories, you can find illustrations by Roxana Irimia, where the human condition of its protagonists stands out.

This work has received aid from the edition

of the Ministry of Culture and Sport.


Compilation of Petre Ispirescu

Prologue by  Stelian Turlea

Translation of Mihai Iacob

Illustrations by Roxana Irimia

Collection: Ancient tales

Size: 18x25cm

Pages: 360

Binding: Cardboard

ISBN: 978.84.123027.2.1

  (Price without VAT €27.41)

RRP €28.50