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Beautiful Lady


Poetry and illustration. A treasure in a box. A riddle, some verses, some strokes, more than one colour and two languages that weave together to exist. A full-colour poster with beautiful text and illustration. 

Listen to the poem here:

Written by Estrella Ortiz

Illustrated by Raquel Saiz

Collection: Artefacts

Size: 23 x 47 cm (unfolded) / 24 x 5 x 3 cm (rolled up inside a box)

Format: Poetry and illustration, a treasure in a box

(A full-colour poster)

ISBN: 978.84.945888.6.0

  (Price without VAT €12.98)

RRP €13.50


La Biblioteca Escolar

Estrella Ortiz's poetry. A trip through the works of  Estrella Ortiz, including this one. Access the site here.

Estrella Ortiz

Estrella Ortiz


She was born in Guadalajara a little before yesterday. She was going to be a teacher and stumbled into the theatre; then she found a library where she told stories and the boys and girls believed she was a witch named Rotundifolia. The dream of travelling around delivering poems and stories by voice to children and adults has continued every day (or almost) for more than thirty years, but she also likes to stay at home thinking and imagining.


Two essays have come out of her thoughts: "Counting on stories" and "Counting on poetry", and a few articles that talk about orality, her favourite topic. Many poems have come out of her imagination, some in the form of an exhibition of visual poetry and others in the form of a book: Wave Notebook, Life in White, The Four Songs, Colours, Everything in place, Five Little Wolves, Three sheep, and On a walk are some of them.


As she loves artefacts, she is happy that Las Malas Compañías presents her poem "Beautiful Lady" inside a box, as a gift that preserves the beauty of the world.


Now, she also imparts one of the Las Malas Compañías Workshops about "Counting on poetry".

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