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The TALES TO THE EAR are back

At Libros de las Malas Compañías (Bad Companies Books) we are celebrating! We are now part of the network of suppliers of the Mercado Social de Madrid.

The Mercado Social de Madrid (Madrid Social Market) is an integral cooperative that works with different economic phases, from financing to consumption. Here you can find both companies and supplier organisations from different sectors, as well as individuals as consumer members. The aim of this cooperative is to satisfy the needs of both consumers and companies, respecting human rights, animal welfare, sustainability of the planet... Values that our publishing house has always defended and that can be seen in our projects and book production.

In order to comply with a solidary economy, a social balance sheet is drawn up and made available to the public. You can also find a social currency (etics) used for internal consumption in the Social Market.

If you want to find us in the catalogue of entities, click on the link: and write our name in the search bar. You don't know how excited we are to be found on their website. We will also be appearing on the cooperative's social networks over the next few weeks; we will let you know so that you can see us!

We are looking forward to participating in future events organised by the Social Market, being active on their website and being able to introduce ourselves to the rest of the suppliers and consumers.

All of you who have followed us over the years have been able to see how, little by little, our beloved publishing house has been growing and making a place for itself in the hearts of all of you. We will continue with our work and we hope to continue bringing you as many novelties and surprises as we have done so far.

María Brea

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