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Prince's Journey


There are trips and trips, some of us travel for pleasure, to get to know new cultures, to learn a different language or even for love. But Prince's trip was different, it was not planned, he did not consult guides or search for information on the internet: one day he found himself fleeing from the war, from rape. And on her journey she encountered abuse, discrimination, institutional racism, gender violence... But her journey was also an apprenticeship: resilience and strength to overcome the adversities she had to face to reach a place where she could live in peace. Although that journey has not yet ended: in our country it continues to seek that peace to which all people have a right. 

If you want to know more about this trip, you can access the complementary content of the book: 

Written by the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid

Illustrated by Rami Abbas

Collection: Out of Series

Size: 13 x 21 cm 

Pages: 84 

Binding: paperback

ISBN: 978.84.123027.9.0

  (Price without VAT €14.38)

RRP €14.95