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Norwegian forbidden tales


It is common to think that folk tales are stories for children, without taking into account that in the past they were told in the family or neighbourhood and that they contained a lot of erotic allusions that children did not understand, but adults did. They had to interest and entertain people of all ages. These versions have not survived because the compilers often belonged to the Church (such is the case of JØrgen Moe) and they refined the stories of these nuances, turning them into didactic or moralizing stories, suitable for kids. But sometimes, the unexpected happened and the erotic versions were kept in private archives. This is the case of the anthology that we offer in this book: 50 stories that do not appear in the Norwegian editions of the stories or in the Runeberg Project, from where we translated the 110 stories that make up our previous publication: Norwegian tales (2016). These are hidden and forbidden tales, whose transcriptions bear the following warning in the margins: "Of course, they must never be printed." Well, here they are, printed and illustrated by Mortimer.

Listen to a story here:

Tales collected by Asbjornsen,  Moe  &  Nauthella

Illustrated by Mortimer

Prologue by Mariano González Campo

Collection: Ancients tales

Size: 24  x 17cm

Pages: 136 

Binding: Cardboard

(50 stories and 45 b/w illustrations)

ISBN: 978.84.949242.0.0

  (Price without VAT €20.67)

RRP €21.50